The 4 Best Solar Pool Heaters 2022

The 4 Best Solar Pool Heaters 2022


If you have a pool above ground, you’ll want to get a solar heater for pools. There are several models to choose from, but the Fafco Solar Bear Economy Heating System is the best choice for above-ground pools. It comes with multiple mounting options, including on the ground, roof, and rack. It’s also extremely tough and designed to last for several seasons. Here are the features and prices of each system.

SunHeater’s S120U universal solar pool heater

A great way to warm up your pool without using any additional energy sources is with a SunHeater universal solar pool heater. This lightweight and durable system will raise the temperature of your pool water by 6 degrees or more. Its heat-exchanging tubes warm up water in the sun and then return it to the pool. This solar heater is easily installed on a roof, mounted to a rack, or placed on the ground.

Goplus Solar Dome

The Goplus Thermal Solar Dome is a high-quality solar pool heater that magnifies the sun’s energy. Its clear lens and coiled black hoses reflect and heat the water around it, and this design is comparable to a greenhouse effect. Made of polypropylene, the Goplus Thermal Solar Dome is one of the lightest solar pool heaters on the market. The thermal energy it produces is enough to heat your pool water to 82 degrees in three to eight days. The heating effect of this device is more efficient than that of a conventional heater. It weighs only eleven pounds and measures 22 inches across, making it one of the cheapest solar pool heaters available on the market.

Kokido 4721-BB

The Kokido 4721-BB Solar Swimming Pool Heater uses solar energy to heat the water in your swimming pool. This heater is perfect for above-ground and in-ground pools. It comes with all the necessary installation accessories. This product is also effective at extending the summer season. In addition, it’s very easy to install and takes just a few minutes to warm up your pool.

Game 4513 SolarPro XD2

The GAME 4513 SolarPro XD2 is a great option for an above-ground swimming pool. It features threaded ports for easy installation and can increase the temperature of water by five degrees within a few days. It comes with a complete connection kit, diverter valve, and folding legs so that you can adjust its position without having to worry about re-installing the unit.

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